Asheville 2018

Asheville design studios The Bright Angle, Overlap Sewing Studio, Rite of Passage, and Tiny Shelter care about materials – where they came from, what they will become, and their power to transform.

Rite of Passage recently launched a line of exquisitely tailored garments, including pieces like the Black Canprint Bolero, which is cut from cloth woven at a North Carolina textile mill just down the road in Hendersonville. Also concerned with sourcing quality material, Overlap Sewing Studio finds canvas from Army Surplus Stores to create unique handpainted handbags.

And while materials can be grown, harvested, sourced, found, and altered, they can also be agents of transformation themselves. The Bright Angle and Tiny Shelter make devices that change matter from one state to another. The Savant Pourover is a tool that converts aromatic coffee beans into a cup of Joe while the Tiny Shelter Incense Burners ignite solid cones into wafting perfumes – and in a geodesic dome nonetheless!

Weather cut from local cloth or facilitating the chemical change from a solid to a liquid, for these Asheville design studios, materials matter.

Correspondent: Marilyn Zapf

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