Detroit 2015

The “Detroit Made” box explores the theme ‘breaking the ice’ with a focus on metallics and metalwork. As a preview to the design culture in Detroit, this exhibit will showcase Detroit’s diverse legacy of making and showcase designers of metal and metallic products doing business in Detroit today.

Historically, Detroit boasts a rich legacy of casting, rolling, and smelting metal ore into hundreds of different parts and components, from industrially fabricated products like stovetops and automotive parts. Metal also served as a source of inspiration for the local craft community, including Mary Chase Perry (Stratton), who experimented with copper glazes to develop Pewabic Pottery’s signature iridescent glaze in the early 20th century.
Deeply rooted in Detroit’s legacy, manufacturing and craft have continued to play a big role in Detroit’s revival as a center for design and innovation. From artisan makers like Pewabic, C.A.N. Art Handworks, Richard Bennett, and Smith Shop, to manufacturers like Detroit Bikes, Shinola, and The Floyd Leg, these modern day makers represent the diverse range of products that are preserving Detroit’s heritage of design and manufacturing.

Correspondent: Matthew Clayson