Edmonton 2016

Taking a risk is the most Edmonton thing you can do. As a city we’re defiant. As designers, our isolation and drive has forced us to pioneer our own way of thinking, doing and making. Multiples for us represents the strong undercurrent of opportunity within our city in the prairies of Alberta.

Correspondents: Chris Provins & Carmen Douville
Concrete Cat | concretecat.com
Diane Krys | dianekrys.com
Henry-ID | henry-ID.com
Hunt Amor | huntamor.com
Karen Cantine | albertacraft.ab.ca/cantine-metal
Loyal Loot | loyalloot.com/
Maake maake.ca
Terry Hildebrand | potterry.com/Terry/Ceramics/Pages/Recent_Works.html#17
Tomnuk Design | tomnuk.com
Mezzaluna Studio | mezzalunastudio.ca 


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