Halifax 2016

“In Knots” is a conceptual piece primarily using rope and knots to form a rope-quilt patterned after Halifax’s historic & modern street network. It explores the points of tension in the city, both physically, in terms of residential and commercial density, as well as historically, addressing crucial events such as Africville, the Halifax Explosion and the on-going gentrification process that can be seen in the city today.  The quilted form of the piece draws inspiration from traditional Mi’kmaq craft, acknowledging the fact that Halifax is built on unceded Mi’kmaq territory. The use of textile material is also a reference to both the city’s nautical culture, as well as the artisan tradition and trades emphasising hand-crafted goods.

Settlement of particular areas has often meant erasure of existing communities. As such, Halifax’s history, topography, and cultural landscapes are fragmented, and fraught with dichotomous tensions between young and old, histories of indigenous people and settlers, heritage preservation and progress, gentrification and displacement. “In Knots” attempts to use pattern and repetition to process and unpack the complex feeling of living in and loving Halifax, while also acknowledging the violence and displacement that have occurred and continue to occur in the name of progress.

Correspondent: Breakhouse Inc. | www.breakhouse.ca

Margot Durling, Megan Fildes, and Delaine Tiniakos-Doran


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