Halifax 2017

Great design resists categorization, leaning over the boundaries between design, craft, and fine art. This micro-exhibition celebrates the work of jewellers in Halifax who do just that — expanding the field of jewellery to include tools, treasures, and wearable sculpture.

These kinetic objects have hidden features, from a locket that displays an image in 3D, to a gold ring that will turn the wearer’s finger green. Encouraging play through the use of moving parts and unconventional materials, these objects close the gap between jewellery and fine art.

Correspondent: Amanda Shore

Shelbey Dodds | www.shelbeydodds.com
Heather Rathbun | www.heatherrathbun.com
Jolee Smith | www.jolee-smith.com
Anne-Sophie Vallée | www.annesophievallee.tumblr.com





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