Los Angeles 2015

LA is one of the largest manufacturing hubs in the nation, and the LA design community has embraced and internalized this city of industry, this spirit of making. Whether utilizing the local manufacturing industry as support or becoming its own “indie industry”, design studios in LA employ a craft-based approach that is influenced both by its rich and diverse culture as well as its unique climate and location. The LA design scene breeds design that is both rich in shape and color and yet equally full of natural texture and earthy roots. Often with function leading the way, LA design expresses itself without pretension with the utmost respect for the environment.

Correspondents: Jaime Derringer (Design Milk) and Eric Trine

Tanya Aguiniga
Eric Trine
Scout Regalia – SR wall hooks
Chris Earl
Bari Ziperstein
100xbtr – Brendan Sowersby
Brendan Ravenhill