Montreal 2015

How are we going to fit all the great stuff our fellow designers from Montréal come up with in such a tiny box? How can we showcase something that is fun and significant when we can’t hardly put in a pillow? Gosh, if we only take small objects, were not going to make much of an impact. Maybe if we squeeze and push and pack it all neatly, we can bring over something our friends in Toronto will be happy to look at. Let’s try.

Flat Pack from It’s them again! A collaborative duo made of Anne Thomas and Pierre Laramée, her a designer, both curators.

Montreal Outside the Box features Bellemine, Flat-Broke, Les charcutiers Pork Chop, La Firme, Cadavre exquis, Mere Phantoms, Merida Anderson, Quelle histoire! / Paprika, Studio SSSVL for Coop Établi, Toma Objects.