Montreal 2016

Montreal’s Outside the Box — or boîte — collection brings together unique works from designers and denizens of a vibrant and multi-faceted city. The use of geometry, color, texture, and material in the collection echoes the dynamic city of Montreal and its unique aggregation of cultures, languages, seasons, and architecture. The chosen objects have a simple elegance and a strong material focus. Materials are approached and explored in new ways, using crocheted metal, bent sheet brass, and pressed wood fibre, for some of the works. Montreal’s boîte features works from some of the city’s brightest designers, including objects from mpgmb, jewelry from Arielle de Pinto, and lighting from Lambert & Fils.

Correspondent: Zoë Mowat

mpgmb |
Lambert & Fils |
Arielle de Pinto |
Mitz Takahashi  |
Ceramik B |
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