Montreal 2017

Montreal is one of the few North American cities whose face still shows traces of the 16th and 18th centuries. The island metropolis is heiress to both French and English traditions, but it is her multicultural population that truly shaped her identity.

Montreal’s laid back lifestyle allows for artists, makers, and creators to spend time honing their skills. It is a city where one can take the time needed to carve and nourish new ideas. In this box, the designers are uncovering new aspect of their beloved material: wood, concrete and fur, bringing them to light with their own interpretations in a timeless touch.

Correspondent: Lysanne Latulippe |

Atelier D |
Catrie |
Claire Papillon |
Des enfantillages |
Heirloom |
Jarre |




Hairloom Lookbook AW 15

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