Montreal 2018

Montreal is a city always reinventing itself – from the centre of the fur trade, to an economic and cultural capital, to the multi-cultural creative hub it is today. By virtue of the interaction of these influences, Montreal’s character is perpetually shifting and reshaping. The items showcased in Montreal’s Box remove materials from their conventional uses, spaces, and forms; and by recontextualising them, give them new identities.

Po:Bleu by Xavier Laurin takes used blue rubber printing blankets to create eco-friendly outdoor planters that withstand Canadian winters, while Dear Human’s Paper Trays are made of recycled paper moulded by hand, rendering the past life of the material almost unrecognisable.

With Les Para-Gouttes, both an umbrella stand and doorstop, Atelier Non Useless frees concrete from its classic use as a building material, bringing it into the home. Similarly, Rond-Point: A Spherical Mirror by AllStudio takes steel from an industrial context and gives it a sleek contemporary form for interior use.

Correspondent: Tara Farsky Milroy | Objetik

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