New York 2016

(Dinner for Two)

New York captures the hustle and bustle of a city like no other. Being one of the largest intersections of art and commerce, NY designers constantly shuffle between worlds of Fashion, Art, and Design with ease. The New York City designers chosen create products that live somewhere between these worlds. Unique forms and unique materials are combined to build a fantasy of dining in this set that speaks to the very nature of multiples in our daily life. Plates, cups, flatware, candles, and all the parts that go into a table setting are multiples we use daily—and are more fun with a friend!

Correspondents: Chad Phillips & Zoe Fisher

Table/box by awindownyc |
Placemats by LAZYMOM NYC |
Porcelain Plates by Arc Objects |
Napkins and Flatware by Various Projects |
Cork Cup by Daniel Michalik |
U Dinner Bell by Pat Kim |
Pitcher by High Gloss |


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