Seattle 2015

It may be the gray skies or the geographic location, but Seattle residents have become known for their chilly and somewhat anti-social disposition. However, given a nudge in the right direction they can be warm and friendly. In the spirit of “breaking the ice”, we’ve assembled a collection of objects from the Seattle design community that encourage social interaction in the form of having a meal or drink with others.

The selected products represent a range of the aesthetic styles and variety of materials utilized by design studios in Seattle. A machined solid brass bottle opener from Iacoli & McAllister is a nod to Seattle’s industrial and manufacturing history while Grain’s terra cotta bowl draws influence from the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Other studios participating include, Ladies & Gentlemen, fruitsuper, urbancase, Graypants, Sarah Loertscher, Brian Beck Studios, and John Hogan.

Correspondent: Darin Montgomery