Toronto 2015

Like other cities whose annual temperatures range from minus 30 to plus 30, from snowstorms to heatwaves, Toronto’s disdain for winter is equally met with its appetite for summer. With each warmer and longer day, we reflect on Toronto’s love for “food-to-go” through a favourite summer pastime: picnicking. Starting with a well-packed picnic basket, where everything has its place, this box has all the fine accoutrements needed for an exceptional afternoon in the sun. Participating designers are Alissa Coe and Vincent Joseph Monastero, Unitfive Design, Carl&Rose, and rcboisjoli, with box fabrication by Scott Eunson.

Alissa Coe |
Vincent Joseph Monastero |
Carl&Rose |
rcboisjoli / Alexx Boisjoli |
Unitfive Design |
Scott Eunson Studio |