Toronto 2018

How do you capture a moment in time? What are the things that matter?

Objects go through many phases before reaching their final form; they change states, temperatures, finishes. Even after taking shape, they continue to transform, depending on not only their physical environment, but also on their owners’ personal and emotional attachments. The time of day, the time of year, the time in their owner’s life – these all affect the way we use, interact, and ultimately feel about each piece.

The Toronto collection explores the significance of our attachment to these objects. It’s not just a matter of opinion – this also shifts over time. What started out as an average looking object with little meaning becomes a cherished memento; favourite pieces that were once loved and important are abandoned, replaced and forgotten.

As four designers, each with our own distinct viewpoint, our aim is to create objects that matter to each of us as individuals, but can also come together and interact in unexpected ways. Investigating the interplay of shape, form and function, the Toronto collection is a celebration of materiality, utilizing different sources – ceramic, acrylic, brass, and stone – to find common ground. We are looking to not only capture the essence of each material in relationship to the time of its creation, but ultimately the experience of the viewer and what a piece can mean to each person individually. As an entirely female group, we also aim to imbue our work with the things that matter to us, both as designers and as women: thoughtfulness, beauty, subtlety, curiosity and joy.

Photo Credits
Corey Moranis – Large Knot
Photo Credit – Pia Winther

Correspondent: SOUVENIR | Danielle Suppa

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